Temperature Range +2 / +15 °C ; -10 / -20 °C
Capacity 128 + 128 lt (4,53 + 4,53 cu ft)

    Gross capacity 153 + 153 lt (5,40 + 5,40 cu ft)

External Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 52 x 66,5 x 177

    Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 44 x 51,6 x 42,1 (X2); Weight Kg 99

Structure and Insulation sanitized pre-coated steel with bacteriostatic activity, white colour- in/out (rust- corrosion-proof material), or stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 inside and sanitized pre-coated steel white colour- outside; insulation polyurethane thickness 40 mm
Door Nr 2 blind doors pre-coated steel white colour, with ergonomic handle in aluminum
Electric Digital Key Lock

    The door is opened by means of a gentle pressure on the key icon in the homepage, and can be password protected. Mechanical key supplied in the event of failure.

Light Led type with adjustable brightness
Internal equipment nr.4 (2+2) white coated sheet shelves

    Interchangeable system that allows to mix:

  • open wire shelves supported by plastic clips, adjustable in height ( x 40);
  • extractible aluminum drawers mounted on telescopic slides (dim. cm.10 x 45 x 7,5 for 3 compartments)


    ECT-F TOUCH CONTROLLER + independent system DMLP DIGITAL MONITOR TOUCH: recording and alarms and alarm system, with battery back-up.New controller with TFT 7’’ touch screen display easily readable from the distance, with a real time graphic of temperatures and of other selected functions always visible from the home page.

  • Temperature recording of the last 10 years
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system for temperature deviations, open door, power failure, condenser, and faulty conditions.
  • Safety thermostat against freezing and overheating.
  • SD card with frontal access: it can store 10 years data recording and relevant documents such as manuals, list of spare parts, videos regarding installation and most common operations.
  • USB port that allows to download data directly from the front panel.
  • Multimedia section with Tutorial area for instruction movies, service manuals, electrical drawnings, etc.
  • Dry contact for remote connection.
  • RJ45 port for LAN/Ethernet.
  • Password for the turning on and off of the machine, to protect from unauthorized users.
  • Integrated Web Server. Independent visual/acoustic alarm and recording system (DMLP DIGITAL MONITOR TOUCH), with an accuracy of 0.1°C thanks to the PT100 probe used for temperature detection. The DMLP manages alarms functions and it is fed by standard rechargeable batteries to record temperatures and events in case of power failure (nr.8 Nihm rechargeable batteries type AA of 1.2 Volt, easily replaceable). The data downloading is managed by the software CAPTURE supplied into the SD CARD: thanks to this software, it is possible to produce graphics and tabs of recorded data.

Alarms Acoustic and Visual for temperature deviations, power failure and faults, with automatic recording even in case the electricity is off
Safety Thermostat
Data and Event recording 10 years on SD card; last year on Flash-memory
Temperature Graph Nr.2 customizable real time graphics, for both compartments, always visible from the home page.
Connectivity USB-SD-SIM port with frontal access ; Dry Contact; Serial port RJ45
Refrigeration Type Forced-air, ventilated
Defrost Automatic with automatic evaporation of the condensate water
Probe for product simulation

Technical data

  • Refrigerant gas type: R134A+R452A CFC free
  • Mains Voltage 230V/1/50Hz
  • Power consumption 24H: 4,6 kWh/24H
  • Instant power consumption: 0,14+1,18 kW (0,9+1,2 A)
  • Heat emission: 45+110 W
  • Noise level < 45 dB
  • Ambient Temperature: +16/+32 °C; humidity 60%
  • Connector: Schuko

In accordance with 93/42/CE - class IIa regulation, and following modifications
Package Strong Cardboard on wooden pallet

    Dim. cm.55x69x190; Kg.112

  • Wooden crate on wooden pallet available: dim. cm.61x79x196; Kg.135

note DIN 58345 conformity


Glass Door for fridge compt.
Castors with brakes
Additional Shelf
Extractible Aluminum Drawer with partitions
Plexiglas front for drawers
Cable port mm 35 with cap
Cable port mm 15
Humidity Sensor
PT100 probe (free contacts)
Voltage stabilizer
4-20mA converter module
  • external terminal board included (this accessory excludes the Gsm module)

60 Hz Frequency
115 V
Wooden crate Package

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